As we begin to meet again things will look a little different as we need to follow the guidelines set out by the BC Health Authorities.   

1)    Social Distancing is mandatory.  We are blessed with such a large space (seating for 200 plus).  This means social distancing will not be a problem with 35 to 40 people.  Please stay at least 6 feet apart when you are talking with other people.  We will have designated seating in the worship area which will ensure social distancing during our service time.  

Please do not congregate around doorways such as the front entrance and those doors leading into the worship area.  

We will not be having a coffee time so if you would like to fellowship after the service, we would encourage you to do it outside.  The Health officials have shared it is even safer to meet outside (but still remember to social distance).  

2)    Even though we have large washrooms we would like to restrict the use of them to only two people at a time.  

3)    Please wash your hands.  There will be lots of soap in the washrooms and hand sanitizer by the front doors.  

4)    If you are not feeling well for some reason, please stay home and listen to the message online later in the week.

Welcome to Cross Roads Pentecostal Assembly!


It is our mission to lead people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and our focus is always on His will. That means that no matter where you have come from, no matter what your background and no matter where you are on your own spiritual journey, we want to come alongside to inspire, equip and encourage you.

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